Settings reference

Here is a complete list of settings which control default PynamoDB behavior.


Default: 15

The time in seconds till a ConnectTimeoutError is thrown when attempting to make a connection.


Default: 30

The time in seconds till a ReadTimeoutError is thrown when attempting to read from a connection.


Default: 3

The number of times to retry certain failed DynamoDB API calls. The most common cases eligible for retries include ProvisionedThroughputExceededException and 5xx errors.


Default: "us-east-1"

The default AWS region to connect to.


Default: 10

The maximum number of connections to keep in a connection pool.


Default: None

A dictionary of headers that should be added to every request. This is only useful when interfacing with DynamoDB through a proxy, where headers are stripped by the proxy before forwarding along. Failure to strip these headers before sending to AWS will result in an InvalidSignatureException due to request signing.


Default: automatically constructed by boto to account for region

The URL endpoint for DynamoDB. This can be used to use a local implementation of DynamoDB such as DynamoDB Local or dynalite.

Overriding settings

Default settings may be overridden by providing a Python module which exports the desired new values. Set the PYNAMODB_CONFIG environment variable to an absolute path to this module or write it to /etc/pynamodb/ to have it automatically discovered.