Batch Operations

Batch operations are supported using context managers, and iterators. The DynamoDB API has limits for each batch operation that it supports, but PynamoDB removes the need implement your own grouping or pagination. Instead, it handles pagination for you automatically.


DynamoDB limits batch write operations to 25 PutRequests and DeleteRequests combined. PynamoDB automatically groups your writes 25 at a time for you.

Suppose that you have defined a Thread Model for the examples below.

from pynamodb.models import Model
from pynamodb.attributes import (
    UnicodeAttribute, NumberAttribute

class Thread(Model):
    class Meta:
        table_name = 'Thread'

    forum_name = UnicodeAttribute(hash_key=True)
    subject = UnicodeAttribute(range_key=True)
    views = NumberAttribute(default=0)

Batch Writes

Here is an example using a context manager for a bulk write operation:

with Thread.batch_write() as batch:
    items = [Thread('forum-{0}'.format(x), 'subject-{0}'.format(x)) for x in range(1000)]
    for item in items:

Batch Gets

Here is an example using an iterator for retrieving items in bulk:

item_keys = [('forum-{0}'.format(x), 'subject-{0}'.format(x)) for x in range(1000)]
for item in Thread.batch_get(item_keys):

Query Filters

You can query items from your table using a simple syntax:

for item in Thread.query('ForumName', Thread.subject.startswith('mygreatprefix')):
    print("Query returned item {0}".format(item))

Additionally, you can filter the results before they are returned using condition expressions:

for item in Thread.query('ForumName', Thread.subject == 'Subject', Thread.views > 0):
    print("Query returned item {0}".format(item))

Query filters use the condition expression syntax (see Condition Expressions).


DynamoDB only allows the following conditions on range keys: ==, <, <=, >, >=, between, and startswith. DynamoDB does not allow multiple conditions using range keys.

Scan Filters

Scan filters have the same syntax as Query filters, but support all condition expressions:

>>> for item in Thread.scan(Thread.forum_name.startswith('Prefix') & (Thread.views > 10)):

Limiting results

Both Scan and Query results can be limited to a maximum number of items using the limit argument.

for item in Thread.query('ForumName', Thread.subject.startswith('mygreatprefix'), limit=5):
    print("Query returned item {0}".format(item))